Virgo is a mutable, feminine, earth sign.  It rules health and all things related to work.  It’s the sign that makes us into purely who we are. Ultimately Virgo is the very definition of perfect health.

It’s a humbling experience to take stock of who we are and to realize that it’s not even close to what we could be. We do it reluctantly, but Virgos do it naturally. It keeps them motivated, humble, and very committed to self-improvement.  It makes them the sign most likely to achieve mastery in some specific field.

Mastery is the gateway to purity– a kind of purity that has nothing to do with ethics or morals. Virgo purity is best compared to pure water… being nothing but water – having no toxins or sediment to distort its essence.  A master is someone who knows the freedom that comes from relaxing into confidence while performing a skill that was difficult to perfect. A master is someone who knows what it’s like to be nothing other than what he is.

All health issues are the result of not being, in its purest form, what we truly are.  Emotional conflict, fear, resentment, and lack of love comprise the toxins and sediment that make pure self-expression impossible.  Virgo suggests removing the toxins through natural holistic earth-friendly means, and a commitment to self-improvement and mastery within a field that excites them.

Virgo in her purest form is understatement, a vision of feminine commitment to self-mastery and service. Whether domestic servant or concert pianist, her approach to work is the same.  Humble, innocent, oblivious to admiration or envy, she performs her work with unassuming intensity, attending carefully and meticulously to every detail.  Virgo is a pure minimalist masterpiece – simplicity sheltering the sacred.