Two Exciting Offerings Featuring Chiron, the Heliocentric Chart, and Energetic Healing

 Individualized Chiron Return Analysis, Heliocentric Natal Chart Interpretation, and two one hour Intuitive Energetic Healing Sessions


  • Package #1 includes a one hour astrological analysis of your Chiron Return followed by a one hour intuitive energetic healing session

  • Package #2 includes a one hour Heliocentric Natal Chart reading followed by a one hour intuitive energetic healing session

Package #1  One hour Chiron Return Analysis followed by one hour Energetic Healing Session

Those approaching, or well into the 5th decade of life, or simply interested in delving deeper into the meaning of Chiron in their chart, can benefit from specialized astrological techniques not ordinarily offered to the general public.  In collaboration with an accomplished Intuitive Energy Healer, familiar with how to apply the knowledge of astrological timing and cycles, what is being offered here is truly unique and powerful.

The Chiron cycle, specifically the closing of that cycle, is a defining life transition occurring around age 50.  It’s a time when the long held back, “real you” struggles to emerge, when spiritual channels are newly opening, and higher connections are being formed. Outwardly, life circumstances and “designated roles” once pursued, or willingly accepted, begin to feel inauthentic and even absurd. Relationships that once felt satisfying, or at least tolerable, may begin to feel emotionally irrelevant and somewhat irritating. Unprecedented, strange, and even shocking thoughts are entertained as much of what used to feel familiar and right seems to be slipping away – and nothing solid seems to be waiting in the wings to replace it.

Those in the midst of their Chiron Return, or past the “closing square” of the cycle, begin to view their lives differently. A significant crisis, often related to health, requiring an intense mobilization of every ounce of strength, is often part of the picture.  Creeping into awareness is the notion that things cannot continue as they’ve always been without the sacrifice of some very vital and essential part of the self.  As the gravity of your choice is slowly realized, it may become clear that major change must take place. The question then becomes where to go from here, and how to get there.  This is where the combination of Astrology and Energetic Healing can make all the difference.

Astrological information from Holly can provide:

  • How an initial wound , occurring early in life, distorted your “internal compass,” your most natural way of being, and, to some extent, your life choices.
  • Specific information clarifying the nature of the initial wound, the resulting impairment, and the area of life most likely affected.
  • A time frame identifying when the initial wounding occurred, where you stand currently,  and particularly receptive times when the most healing can occur.
  • A different, broader, and more meaningful perspective that can make deciding what’s right for you much easier.


Once this broad and individualized astrological perspective is realized, healing must occur in order to step forward into the next cycle. Energy Healing works to unwind the chords that keep you in past patterns as an actor on a stage. These chords – often comprised of societal, familial or cultural responsibility – are often connected deep in the psyche and can be difficult or painful to remove on our own, without a guide. As an energy medicine practitioner, Anna is very familiar with this shadowed territory and will guide you with amusement and ease. Through the power of energy medicine, old wounds can be brought forward in the psyche and energy field and released immediately, effortlessly, helping to train the subtle energy field into a new pattern of health and freedom.

Energy Healing from Anna can provide:

  • An understanding of how your initial wound is affecting your actions now, and how it has guided your actions in the past
  • Where, on a spiritual level, this wound helped shape who you are and why you’re ready now to release that need
  • Release of the energy matter of this wound from the blueprint of your body
  • Healing in the area of release to help plant the seeds for a new beginning
  • Practice tools and suggestions for continuing the healing path forward and encouragement for the journey
  • Follow up support


For more information on Chiron, click here.

Package #2  One hour Heliocentirc Natal Chart Analysis followed by one hour Energetic Healing Session

Once you begin to recover your most natural way of being the question becomes “where to go from here.”  The Heliocentric (Sun-centered) chart seems to best define the answer to this question.

The natal chart most often used is geocentric (earth-centered). That chart is great for clarifying personality and identifying personal idiosyncrasies. But for those approaching age 50 and beyond, it’s a chart that is being transcended. It becomes less relevant in terms of your most pressing questions.

The Heliocentric natal chart deals with the “realm of life” where energies, no longer dominated by personality complexes and frustrations, are left free to develop according to their own natural rhythms.

Personal idiosyncrasies, according to Dane Rudhyar, the “father of humanistic astrology,” really have no bearing on your role in society, only how you go about carrying it out. He defines the potential of the Heliocentric chart as providing answers to the social question “what is my destined contribution to the world.” It’s the chart that becomes highly relevant when we stop saying “My way is the way” and begin to ask “My way; of what use is it to humanity.”

That’s the central question that emerges during the Chiron Return and as it begins to wane. Within the Heliocentric Chart, answers reside.

But answers can seem deceivingly simple, yet not easy to put into practice because as humans, we are creatures of habit. Moving forward with the answers from our Heliocentric chart reading are best put into place and understood through the lens of your current energetic structure. In this energy healing, Anna will help you remove any energetic blockages in your way, including old behavioral patterns or habits, unhealthy lifestyle patterns or any other trappings that the ego might create in order to hang onto the status quo. Through this reading, not only will you intellectually understand your new purpose in relation to humanity, but have the opportunity to feel yourself in this role as if you were already at 100% your desired capacity. This practice of envisioning a lovable future around your most joyful humanitarian role will help you cultivate the life you were born to live. This sessions also includes practical steps to continue moving forward.

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Packages can be purchased separately for 260.00 each, or together for 480.00.

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