Taurus is developing inner calm.  In the parade of signs, Taurus comes second, right after hard charging impetuous Aries.  Tensions subside, the dust is settling, and the focus is drawn to the simple pleasures of life.  Taurus is a master at finding the sacred within simple.  This sign is feminine, fixed, and earthy, security oriented and somewhat inflexible.  Her serene perspective is the result of an ability to internalize the timeless wisdom of the natural world.  No need to rush.  Immersed in the spring beauty of a mountain trail, the ocean, or a simple backyard garden, Taurus relaxes into the primal truth that never fails to soothe, ground, and guide her.  She’s part of the natural world that was here long before her and will remain long after she’s gone.

What I love most about Taurus is her complete acceptance of the human condition.  Sit in her presence for a while and you’ll feel the strange absence of expectations.  No need to put on airs.  No need to be anything other than you.  And if you’ve forgotten who that is, stay with Taurus for a while longer.  She’ll remind you of what you’ve forgotten and it will feel like coming home.

For all her strengths, Taurus is the sign most likely to settle for a secure but restricted life.  The famous astrologer Steven Forrest says the following about the Taurean shadow; “Security is not evil.  That is not the point.  But it can constitute a kind of fool’s gold to which Taurus is fatally attracted.  Should the Bull (Taurus) succumb to securities lure, all the timeless serenity of the sign can be squandered.  And in its place arises only a spirit-killing stability.  Taurus can bore itself to death.”

The challenge is to focus on inner rather than outer security.  Spending time with nature is the elixir that calms the Taurean soul and provides the springboard for an exciting and vital life.