Scorpio is a fixed, feminine, water sign defining a person who feels their way through life. For Scorpio feelings are particularly intense.  This life is one of transformation.  Life experiences will require them to let go of things they’ve become very attached to.  Because Scorpio is a fixed sign, adaptation to changing circumstances is not easy.  Letting go is agonizing.

Scorpio’s energy is laser-like and powerful.  It penetrates through boundaries to expose secrets and hidden agendas.  Scorpios are detective-like. They uncover evidence that reveals truth.  They wander through sexual, psychological, and occult territory considered forbidden, and are inexplicably attracted to concealed danger.  Scorpio likes to live life on the edge.  She feels empowered by knowing things about others that they don’t know she knows.

In conversation, Scorpios are good at posing casually penetrating questions while, in exchange, revealing very little about themselves.

Scorpios require ever deepening levels of intimacy, but trust is an issue.  There are very few Scorpios who have not been betrayed in painful ways. They are very courageous once committed to healing their life.  If they feel they are suffering from some psychological blockage or limitation, they will leave no stone unturned and shrink from no painful truth in order to heal themselves.  Their ability to rise like a phoenix from devastation and near death is unparalleled. Never bet against a Scorpio.  What would kill most amounts, for her, to just one more challenge from which she emerges stronger and even more formidable.