Sagittarius is a masculine, mutable, fire sign.  He is passionate, action oriented and continually expanding in many directions.  Wise, he speaks from experience and tends to overdo things.  If a little is good, to a Sagittarian, a lot must be much better.  Moderation is not his forte.

Sagittarian’s beliefs tend toward the philosophical and inclusive.  He is tolerant, but needs lots of freedom and lots of room.  What he believes is continually evolving.  He accumulates vast amounts of experience over a lifetime and, as he attempts to integrate what life has taught him, he continually updates his beliefs.

Sagittarius strives to make his life bigger through explorations into foreign territory.  For him, foreign travel and possibly living abroad is both enjoyable and mind expanding. Higher education encourages him to explore new ideas, and forming relationships with people of a different race, religion, or nationality broadens his perspective and feeds his soul.  It’s possible to find “the foreign” close to home.  Sagittarius is drawn to experiencing himself as a stranger in a strange land wherever he finds the opportunity.

Like all fire signs, he approaches life with great enthusiasm.  Unless something has gone terribly wrong, he’s optimistic and forward-looking, feeling that the future holds great things for him.  Sagittarians are fun to be with and often athletically gifted.  They rely on their sense of humor (and ours) to save them from a tendency to be overly blunt. Figuring out how to “say it nicely” is not, for them, high on their list of priorities.

Feeling tied down can move a Sagittarian very quickly into panic mode.  His life force is extinguished if he is unable to maintain independence and freedom to move into uncharted territory.  It’s what makes him so interesting, so much fun, and, at times, so difficult to live with.