Pisces is a feminine, mutable, water sign.  She is highly sensitive and shape shifting.  Her boundaries are soft and permeable, only vaguely providing structure for life.  The lack of solid boundaries allows a free flow of mysterious subtle energy that holds within it inspiration, compassion, and unconditional love.   Against the backdrop of such subtle refinement and lack of protection, the world for Pisces can seem very harsh.  They can feel like raw nerves walking amidst a cruel world.  Astrologically, it explains why those born under heavy Pisces influence are so vulnerable to the numbing effects of drugs and alcohol.

But Saints and are also very common within the ranks of Pisces – those whose overwhelming compassion for the suffering and sick drives them to dedicate their lives in selfless service.  Those who write the most sublimely beautiful poetry, paint canvases that reflect pure inspiration, or photograph the lonely in ways that make tears the only possible reaction, are Pisces gifts for all of us.

In simpler ways they feel your pain as though they were you- as though there existed no boundaries between the two of you. This can be a heavy burden for Pisces given the amount of suffering that exists in the world.  Taking time to sequester themselves in their room, or alone in nature, is critical for their health.   Without that time to release all the pain they’ve absorbed, Pisces can become depressed and cynical.

Their intuitive faculties are unparalleled, making them prone to picking up on underlying invisible motivation.  Often they feel that things aren’t right when on the surface everything seems perfectly fine. As children this can be confusing.  As adults it’s a sixth sense that allows them to feel the truth of any situation.