Leo is a fixed, masculine, fire sign given to feeling that life revolves around him, and usually it does. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The entire solar system revolves around the Sun. As above, so below.

Leo’s are endlessly entertaining.  Their natural exuberance refreshes and on occasion, exasperates.  Their problem is that there’s not enough time in the day to enthusiastically express all the creativity and talent that naturally flows through them.  They love and need an audience to acquire a true sense of who they are.  It’s wise advice for a Leo to move on if they find their audience unappreciative or impatient for the “act” to end.  An unappreciated Leo is one of the life’s sadder displays.

Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve noted that “with every human, a poet – an artist is born, who dies young and is survived by an adult”.  Leos know instinctively that they can never let themselves become adults – not in the grown-up, serious, colorless way we often think of adulthood. Leo’s employ a natural strategy for living that ensures a life of unimpeded creative flow.  They trust the world despite its untrustworthiness.

Leo’s are naturally warm hearted and full of love for themselves, others, and life itself.  They are passionate, dramatic, and proud.  Pride is what most often trips them up causing them to forget that creativity and love, however those are received, must always be given freely, exuberantly, and with a sense of child-like joy.