As kids Gemini’s are those most likely to be evaluated for ADD.  Classroom rules don’t work especially well for those who crave mental stimulation and variety and move at a twice the speed of the rest of us.  Gemini’s nervous system is naturally revved up.  They catch on quickly and move to the next object of interest faster than the rest of us.

Gemini is a masculine mutable air sign meaning they aggressively pursue new information from all directions. They’re light on their feet (metaphorically and literally)  changing direction rapidly with almost no adjustment time.  Of all the signs, Gemini is most likely to possess crystal clear perceptive abilities.  As journalists they see exactly what’s in front of them free of bias or expectation. They’re able to present to others reality in its purest form. Their personalities sparkle, they can talk about anything for a short time, and they’re brilliant storytellers. They excel at captivating audiences with novels or groundbreaking news. They also excel at making Thanksgiving dinner an interesting and highly entertaining affair.

A Gemini mind is incredibly adaptable.  Arguing with them is generally a losing proposition as they have the ability to confuse the sharpest opponents by cleverly shifting the basic premise or foundation of the argument.  Their tactics are very effective and they usually win.  Valuable information coming to them in the form of a verbal challenge is easily deflected and dismissed.  But there are arguments they shouldn’t win and therein lies the danger for a Gemini.

For Gemini keeping life from becoming a superficial game requires a disciplined mind and a clear set of standards for the treatment of others.