Chart Updates

Astrological updates are available for those who’ve had readings in the past. Astrology is very dynamic. Planets move continually at varying speeds. Their positions change, influencing life in a variety of ways. Cycles repeat, ideally at progressively higher levels of integration. Time frames change.

Simply put, an update keeps you informed of changing energetic influences that impact your life. This information allows you to consciously make the adjustments needed to increase your effectiveness and sense of well-being.

Updates provide new time frames of the current cosmic atmosphere enabling more confident decision making. Foresight makes intelligent planning and efficient organization a likely possibility.

Updates are scheduled when you feel you need them. A particularly challenging situation, a life crisis, an important decision, transition, or the need for support and some deeper insight are all valid reasons to schedule one.

During an update the natal chart is always reviewed as well as current transits, progressions, solar arc directions, lunar phases, Sabian symbols, and any astrological technique that can best clarify and provides relevant information.

A one time natal reading can be enlightening and very healing. But routine updates provide the means for using astrology as a powerful tool to enhance your life, strengthen your impact, and to navigate efficiently through the complexities of life.

Chart Update rates 130.00/hr

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