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Taurus New Moon

(Mosaic Art – Creativa) Taurus New Moon – Tuesday, May 15th at 4:48 AM PDT & 7:48 AM EDT It’s easier to understand Taurus if you consider the interplay of it’s opposite sign Scorpio – especially since Venus, Taurus’s ruler, […] 

Major Impending Energy Shifts

We’re headed (no pun intended) for a complicated New Moon next Tuesday at 24 degrees of Taurus. Algol, the demonic binary star, aligns with this New Moon – and with Donald Trump’s Midheaven. She’s a real troublemaker known to cast […] 

Scorpio Full Moon

Cynthia Fishers- Mosaic Art) On April 29th, there is a full Moon in the sign of Scorpio (9 Degrees 39′). It culminates at 5:58 PM Pacific time and 8:58 PM Eastern time. Wherever Scorpio is involved intense emotions, treachery, and […] 

New Moon in Aries Sunday April 15, 2018

A week ago I glanced at this New Moon chart. It looked potentially explosive – like a significant breakthrough maybe, a pivotal turning point in an ongoing saga, a match thrown on bone-dry tinder that burns away quickly what’s no […] 

Libra Full Moon

We are under the influence of an impending Libra Full Moon. The exact time of culmination is Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 5:37 AM Pacific time & 8:37 AM Eastern time. Venus enters the sign of Taurus just hours before […] 

New Moon in Pisces

(Mosaic Art – Lin Schorr) NEW MOON AT 26 DEGREES OF PISCES 53′ ON SATURDAY, MARCH 17TH AT 6:11 AM PDT & 9:11 AM EDT The Vertex of this new Moon chart – the point of fate and destiny in […] 

New Moon at 26 Degrees of Capricorn

(Mosaic Art – Ravenna) Today the Capricorn New Moon rises at 6:17 PM Pacific time & 9:17 PM Eastern time. I’ve already written an interpretation for this New Moon with last week’s horoscopes. See feature article “New Moon Horoscopes for […] 

Super Sextiles and the Capricorn Takeover

This is an unusual week in the astrological world. Toward the end of 2017 I wrote a lot about the coming “Capricorn sweep” through the skies – the alignment of six planets and a culminating new Moon in the the […] 

New Year’s Day Full Moon in Cancer

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (Full Moon in Cancer culminates today, January 1, 2018, at 6:24 PM Pacific time and 9:24 PM Eastern time). Any full Moon has the potential to intensify emotional reactions – especially a watery Moon – and more […] 

Winter Solstice 2017

(Guillio Menossi – Mosaic Artist) There’s a lot going on today, Dec. 21st.. The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn joining forces with Saturn. The Sun is hovering at it’s northern- most point preparing to shift in a southerly […]