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My Neptune/Saturn Desert Trip

Painting Borrego Springs  Louis Krupp My trip to the desert this weekend highlighted how much I prefer to see reality these days through a soft focus lens.  With five planets transiting through the nebulous sign of Pisces, I suspect I’m […] 

The Astrology of Friends by Peg O’Donnell

“Meeting FDR was like opening your first bottle of champagne, knowing him was like drinking it.” Winston Churchill on his friendship with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The 11th house of friends can be a source of great joy. In an astrological […] 

Aquarius New Moon February 9th 11:20 PM PST; February 10th 2:21AM EST

This new moon falls in Aquarius emphasizing truth and individuality.  The moon exactly squares (stimulates) the Scorpio north node and Taurus south node, signifying the use of  shaky self-worth and dissatisfaction to power a deeper look into what motivates you, […] 

Venus and Mars Change Signs – A Shifting Landscape for February

  It’s significant that Venus and Mars would be changing signs on the same day – either today or tomorrow depending on where you live.  The landscape is shifting and we’ll feel ourselves adapting over the next few days. Astrologically […] 

2013 Expanded Horoscopes Now Available

Mosaic Art by Penny Collins An expanded horoscope for the year gives you an edge.  Like a man in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean who is finally given a compass, he knows where he is and in […] 

Leo Full Moon Event Saturday January 26, 2013

A Leo full Moon is an occasion for theatrics, peak performances, and high drama.  Leo wants an audience, a stage, a microphone, lots of applause and great reviews the next morning.  Ruled by the Sun, he tends to believe that […] 


This website has definitely been a work in progress.  Initially I tried to include all my interests.  I wanted the site to be a true reflection of myself.  But then it became too scattered.  Scattered is actually a pretty accurate […] 

A New Year Begins – The Best Possible Time for a Reading

Natal Chart Readings Typically, people have come to expect prediction from an astrologer. I prefer to call it foresight. Identifying life cycles can determine the right time for opening a business, finding a partner, changing jobs, moving to a new local, […] 

Capricorn New Moon January 11, 2013 (11:44 AM PST & 2:44 PM EST)

This New Moon in Capricorn, as with any New Moon, is a time of increase.  If you’ve been working with lunar energy, on December 28th, the day of the last  Full Moon, you experienced a culmination.  You had taken yourself […] 

Cancer Full Moon December 28, 2012 2:21 AM PST & 5:21 AM EST

When interpreting symbols I’m used to looking for the deep hidden message.  I have to think in a different way.  It’s the essence of astrological interpretation.  But sometimes the answer is hidden in plain sight.  It’s very literal and there’s […]