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New Moon at 26 Degrees of Capricorn

(Mosaic Art – Ravenna) Today the Capricorn New Moon rises at 6:17 PM Pacific time & 9:17 PM Eastern time. I’ve already written an interpretation for this New Moon with last week’s horoscopes. See feature article “New Moon Horoscopes for […] 

Super Sextiles and the Capricorn Takeover

This is an unusual week in the astrological world. Toward the end of 2017 I wrote a lot about the coming “Capricorn sweep” through the skies – the alignment of six planets and a culminating new Moon in the the […] 

New Year’s Day Full Moon in Cancer

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (Full Moon in Cancer culminates today, January 1, 2018, at 6:24 PM Pacific time and 9:24 PM Eastern time). Any full Moon has the potential to intensify emotional reactions – especially a watery Moon – and more […] 

Winter Solstice 2017

(Guillio Menossi – Mosaic Artist) There’s a lot going on today, Dec. 21st.. The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn joining forces with Saturn. The Sun is hovering at it’s northern- most point preparing to shift in a southerly […] 

New Moon in Sagittarius

26 degrees of Sagittarius New Moon Event – Sunday, Dec 17th at 10:30 PM PST and on Monday, Dec 18th at 1:30 AM EST Since December of 2014 Saturn has expanded our minds and taken us on a wild ride […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 6th – 12th (2)

After being in retrograde motion since July 1, 2017 Chiron has officially moved into direct motion – as of yesterday. Initially Chiron dipped his toe into the sign of Pisces on April 20, 2010. He retrograded back into Aquarius for […] 

New Moon in Scorpio

(Mosaic Art – Mitch Bookman) Scorpio New Moon – Saturday, Nov. 18th, at 6:42 AM EST & 3:42 AM PST. Astrologically we say the Moon is in her “fall” in the sign of Scorpio because its a difficult sign for […] 

Taurus Full Moon

(Mosaic Art – ??) This week’s main event is the Full Moon in Taurus. Depending on your location it culminates very early Saturday morning (Nov. 4th) at 1:23 AM Eastern time or late Friday evening (Nov 3rd) 10:23 PM Pacific […] 

Aries Full Moon Oct. 5th

(Mosaic Art – Artist?) “I have to say that anger is the blanket that comes around me, and that blunts and blurs my sense of proportion.” Pete Townshend The Aries full Moon links arms with the opposing Libra Sun and […] 

Virgo New Moon Sep. 19th/20th

(ancient middle-eastern glass mosaic art) NEW MOON TODAY (Sep. 19th) AT 27 DEGREES OF VIRGO 27′ 10:30 PM ON THE PACIFIC COAST AND ON WEDNESDAY SEP 20TH AT 1:30 AM ON THE EAST COAST. The feel of this first “post […]