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Relationship Readings

Relationship readings involve the comparison of two individual charts (synastry) and the creation and interpretation of a relationship chart – the couples chart. Astrology becomes very practical when applied to relationships. For couples one of the most important and influential […] 

Astrocartography Sessions

WHAT IS ASTROCARTOGRAPHY AND HOW CAN I USE IT TO ENHANCE MY LIFE Astrocartography sessions are designed for individuals and couples only. Depending on your needs an astrocartography session can take days to prepare, several hours, or less than a […] 

The Natal Chart Reading

  Natal Chart Readings Typically people have come to expect prediction from an astrologer.  Identifying life cycles can determine the right time for opening a business, finding a partner, changing jobs, moving to a new locale, ending a relationship, withdrawing into […] 

Chart Updates

Astrological updates are available for those who’ve had readings in the past. Astrology is dynamic. Planets move continually at varying speeds. Their positions change and  influence life in a variety of ways. Cycles repeat, ideally at progressively higher levels of […] 

Venus Star Point Reading

Astrologer and scholar Arielle Guttman introduced me to the importance of the Venus Star Point, a chart placement based on Venus’s unique and mysterious orbital path. (It is not the planet Venus in your chart). Every eight years Venus completes […] 

Life Purpose Reading

As an Astrologer it’s critical to know, before anything else, what exactly is the specific purpose of an individual’s life  It’s fundamental information that puts an astrology chart into meaningful context.  Without that knowledge, confusion reigns – zillions of options […] 

The 12th House Reading

The 12th house of an astrology chart maps, in symbolic form, along with the Moon and Neptune, the outlines of the subconscious mind – its arrangements, secrets, torments, and gifts. It highlights how you keep yourself in a prison of […] 

Solar Return Chart – Birthday Reading

Happy Birthday! Happy First Day of Your Personal New Year! Solar Return Charts are calculated for your birthday based on the time the Sun returns to its exact natal position and your geographical location on your birthday. It’s the first day of your personal […]