Astrology and energy medicine

Natal Chart Reading Followed by Energy Medicine Session

Energy medicine and astrology make a fantastic team. An astrology reading provides you with a map and details for your journey. Energy medicine makes sure you get there safely and on time – without any major hangups. Astrology gives you the packing list, energy medicine makes sure you have all the items listed. An astrological reading can give you a good indication of your life’s purpose, the current life or health crisis timeframe, and a clearer outline of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Energy medicine helps remove current blockages that get in the way of addressing each challenge and opportunity with a heightened sense of awareness and expanded perspective. The root of the problem is defined, addressed, and integrated into the bigger scheme of your life. You may feel that with your participation you’ve been jumped started past the hurdles and into the direction you most want to go.

This offering is set up in two sessions – a 1.5 hr session with astrologer Holly RePenn and a 1 hr session with Anna Holden

The cost as a package is 300.00

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