Astrocartography Session

There is a branch of astrology, concerned with place and location, called astrocartography. It’s based on the philosophy of interconnectedness. Our location on the planet influences the magnetic push-pull of orbiting planets on our “fixed astrological signature” determined at birth. A move to a neighboring state, across the country, or over-seas exerts specific, subtle changes in our personality that may have profound implications for the kind of life we live.

The Ascendent, a major personality indicator in every natal chart, changes as we move east or west and less dramatically north or south. If you were born in New York City, with a Aries Ascendent, and moved to San Francisco, it is likely that your “relocated Ascendent” would move into the sign of Pisces. You may be less action oriented or likely to initiate new things in San Francisco, but significantly more inspired, artistic, in tune with trends, and reliant on feelings. If you were born in NYC and moved east to Genoa Italy, your Ascendent would most likely change into the sign of Capricorn. Here you would be less assertive and action oriented, but more savvy regarding business maneuvers. Caution would overlay your natal impulsiveness, and the need for an authoritative, elevated social position would be subtly broadcast to the world. For you, worldly success would most likely be more easily achieved in Genoa.

Relationship dynamics change with the changing position of Venus. If Venus moves from your 9th house into the 10th house of your “relocated chart” you may be more inclined to commit to a long term relationship. Most likely the kind of people that would incline you in that direction would frequently cross your path.

If you are enrolling in college, relocating to a place where Jupiter moved into your 9th house would be considered ideal as you would be open to a vast expansion of your mind, experiences that broadened your perspective, and to the kind of teacher/student relationships from which you could best learn. Academic success would come easily and college life would be experienced as a socially enjoyable adventure.

During the next two and half years, as Saturn takes up residence in the sign of Sagittarius, you may wonder more frequently if you’re in the “right place” to actualize your best life. You may get the urge to move or to travel. Changing your planetary location is disorienting. It necessitates the development of more of who you are. Astrocartography can predict which aspects of yourself will be highlighted and brought to the forefront depending on where you are.

It takes a few months of living in a new location to settle into the “alien” scene. A location that you visited for a short period of time may not illicit the kind of changes you would eventually see after a few months in residence. The reason for this is that most of us have a “vacation personality” or a “business trip personality” that prevents a place from exerting its true effect on our “everyday personality.” Despite that being the case, I always find vacations most enjoyable if I can relocate my Venus to the 5th house or into alignment with a chart angle.

If you’re uncertain about the best place to find your ideal partner, job, home, financial opportunity, spiritual connection, etc., this is your chance to see how astrocartography can clarify and, most likely, awaken what your soul already knows.

Astrocartography Session 1 hr. 150.00


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