Aquarians are a complicated mix of disciplined structure and irreverent rebellion.  From the time they’re old enough to understand language, and maybe sooner, somewhere in their brilliant mind they’re asking “who died and made you the boss?”

Life is a serious affair for Aquarius.  They feel the weight of a relentlessly oppressive world conspiring to have them conform to what feels strange and incoherent.  Outwardly they adapt, becoming masters at the art of tying themselves in knots to appear “normal.”  But, navigating inwardly, the huge gap between who they are and what the world requires, is exhausting. Eventually, if all goes well, they give up and find ways to express their rebellious, ingenious, futuristic, humanitarian selves. They embrace their outsider status.

Aquarians, in a wide variety of ways, take their place as revolutionaries, born to “explode” embedded ideas and institutions that have become inhumane and obstructive to freedom and progress.  They question the official story and refuse to conform to authority. They join causes and movements that speak to their humanitarian souls.  They come to understand that social acceptance is too high a price to pay for living a life that’s not really their own. Ultimately they accept and use their outsider status to advance the cause of freedom and justice – sometimes on the world stage, sometimes in the office, and sometimes at home.

Relationships are tricky for Aquarians.  Well meaning partners and families can succumb to pressuring the Aquarian to conform.  For them it’s painful to see her traveling the lonely road of an outsider.  But for Aquarius there is a built-in immunity to rejection that makes that road tolerable. No one likes rejection but for Aquarius criticism or being deprived “membership” doesn’t usually register as meaningful. They’re simply not playing the same game everyone else is playing. How they define success is a very individual thing and probably doesn’t jibe with any “culturally agreed upon” definition.

Aquarius is extremely vulnerable to those she loves.