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Overview Individual Horoscopes for 2018 *

The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) determine trends. The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) trigger pivotal events as slowly unfolding trends become ripe for specific expression.   When I look for the 2018 themes in […] 

Winter Solstice 2017

(Guillio Menossi – Mosaic Artist) There’s a lot going on today, Dec. 21st.. The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn joining forces with Saturn. The Sun is hovering at it’s northern- most point preparing to shift in a southerly […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 20th – 26th

Pluto has resided in the sign of Capricorn since February of 2008. Around that time – maybe a little later – circumstances might have pushed you to extremes of self-discipline, self-denial, renunciation, and maybe exhaustion. Hard work was a fact […] 

New Moon in Sagittarius

26 degrees of Sagittarius New Moon Event – Sunday, Dec 17th at 10:30 PM PST and on Monday, Dec 18th at 1:30 AM EST Since December of 2014 Saturn has expanded our minds and taken us on a wild ride […] 

New Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 13th – 19th *

NEW MOON AT 26 DEGREES OF SAGITTARIUS ON SUNDAY DEC 17TH AT 10:30 PM PST & ON MONDAY DEC 18TH AT 1:30 EST AM. I will use the New Sagittarius Moon chart to write horoscopes this week. A complete general […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 6th – 12th (2)

After being in retrograde motion since July 1, 2017 Chiron has officially moved into direct motion – as of yesterday. Initially Chiron dipped his toe into the sign of Pisces on April 20, 2010. He retrograded back into Aquarius for […]