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New Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio New Moon – Saturday, Nov. 18th, at 6:42 AM EST & 3:42 AM PST. Astrologically we say the Moon is in her “fall” in the sign of Scorpio because its a difficult sign for the Moon express herself through. […] 

Scorpio New Moon Horoscopes

This was going to be a Scorpio New Moon interpretation AND Horoscopes but the sheer Scorpio-ness of it all is demanding a level of honesty I can’t quite tap into yet. Usually I get more aligned with the message of […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of Nov. 8th – 14th

(Mosaic Art – artist?) We’re currently in the midst of Scorpio season. Nature reflects the cyclical and timely death of what has previously flourished. The Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and an upcoming Scorpio new Moon powerfully intensify the current cycle. This […] 

Taurus Full Moon

(Mosaic Art – artist?) This week’s main event is the Full Moon in Taurus. Depending on your location it culminates very early Saturday morning (Nov. 4th) at 1:23 AM Eastern time or late Friday evening (Nov 3rd) 10:23 PM Pacific […]