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Horoscopes for Week of April 27th – May 3rd

(Mosaic Artist – Nikki-Ella Whitlock) This week there are different subplots depending on your sign, but the main story continues to revolve around the current Saturn/Neptume closing square. This is basically a crisis point within a long thirty-five year cycle […] 

Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes 4/20 – 4/26

(Mosaic Art – Margo Anton) I will be writing horoscopes using the Scorpio full Moon chart. The Scorpio full Moon takes place on Thursday, April 21st at 10:24 PM (Pacific time) & on Friday, April 22nd at 1:24 AM (Eastern […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of April 13th – 19th

(Bull Elephant Artist?) This week the main events include Mar’s and Pluto’s change into direction. Both turn retrograde – Mars on Sunday and Pluto on Monday. They join Saturn and Jupiter, already progressing through retrograde cycles. Soon Mercury will join […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of April 6th – 12th

Mosaic Art – Irina Charny) This week I’m using the Aries New Moon Chart to write horoscopes. Lunar events trigger emotions and feelings. I think it’s valuable, therefore, to read the horoscope this that matches your Moon sign. (Click here […]