Venus Star Point Reading

Astrologer and scholar Arielle Guttman introduced me to the importance of the Venus Star Point, a chart placement based on Venus’s unique and mysterious orbital path. (It is not the planet Venus in your chart). Every eight years Venus completes a journey that traces, in the sky, the pattern of a five-pointed star. It is an infinite repeating pattern of profound significance. Your Venus Star Point is the sign in which one specific “star pattern” originated – the specific pattern in motion at the time of your birth.

Astrology’s language – like art, architecture, music, and nature itself – is mathematics. Arielle and others have noted the mathematical significance of the five-pointed star. Its structure is based on the 1.618 ratio that is known as the “Golden Ratio.” It’s also known as phi, the divine proportion, or the golden mean. It is known as nature’s perfect proportion for bringing parts together into a greater, harmoniously functioning whole.

That is the goal of the type of astrology I practice, so the Venus Star Point has easily taken on primary significance for me and my work. What seems to be emerging is a powerful link connecting the different qualities of energy present in an astrological chart and how best to put the various aspects of a life together in harmonious ways. It’s practical information you can use.

Venus Star Point Readings are for those who have already had their natal chart interpreted and want more detailed information as to how they can integrate the various aspects of their lives into a smooth functioning whole.

Venus Star Point readings are 150.00

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