Life Purpose Reading

As an Astrologer it’s critical to know, before anything else, what exactly is the specific purpose of an individual’s life  It’s fundamental information that puts an astrology chart into meaningful context.  Without that knowledge, confusion reigns – zillions of options and possibilities, with no “big picture”  to provide direction.  When faced with important decisions, understanding your life path  allows you to determine what are the most important considerations. When preparing for any type of reading it’s the first thing I look at. It’s the backstory of any natal chart.

The South Node of the Moon is a theoretical point that define past life conditions.  Along with its sign, house position, and aspects, the South Node identifies, fairly specifically, the nature of your natural tendencies, patterns, embedded emotions, insecurities, or natural self-confidence and innate talents in some specific area. The South Node defines past life restrictions that continue to haunt you. But they are accompanied this lifetime by subtle clues, specific opportunities, and inner urgings that consistently inform you it’s time to move beyond what’s familiar and repetitive.

The challenge is to channel old skills and talents in some new direction, to resist repeating yourself, to not waste time re-learning lessons you’ve already learned or “blazing paths” you memorized long ago. A tendency toward repeating specific behavior patterns is common when anxiety is high. Often those patterns are rooted in old, sometimes ancient, experience. Living life through your South Node, as we say, is cosmically designed to eventually feel like a frustrating, restrictive, meaningless, dead end.

The challenge is to move into living through your North Node – new, unfamiliar territory, the unbeaten path, situations and experiences that continue to present themselves and urge you toward something different. These directions often feel very risky. The nature of these directions are defined by the North Node.  This is your path to fulfillment this lifetime.  Once you feel you have some accurate information in this regard, everything in your life begins to make more sense. Opportunities, relationships, and experiences that used to feel confusing or insignificant begin to fit a pattern that leads you in a specific direction – the direction of your life’s purpose. Cooperating with that makes all the difference. Being who you are “on purpose” gives you power.

1 hr Life Purpose Reading – 150.00

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