The 12th House Reading

The 12th house of an astrology chart maps, in symbolic form, along with the Moon and Neptune, the outlines of the subconscious mind – its arrangements, secrets, torments, and gifts. It highlights how you keep yourself in a prison of your own making and where the key to your release can be found. The 12th house defines hidden talents, and, I’m increasingly convinced, your career and where you fit into the overall scheme of the universe.

The 12th house defines how you end things, what you must sacrifice, how you connect with the infinite, and how you heal. The twelfth house represents the power of water to destroy structure and form, to heal, and to define ultimate potential.

The 12th house is arguably the most important house, the place where everything ends ands conditions for rebirth begin to coalesce.

A Twelfth house reading brings the conversation to the fringes of the deepest level possible, just before words reach the limits of their ability to convey what is beyond words.

Poetry, art, and the things that melt your heart are contained within the 12th house. It is here that you begin to understand the importance of total immersion within something bigger than yourself. The 12th house is the key to accessing the only thing that ultimately satisfies completely.
The cost is 150.00

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