Horoscopes for the Week of August 6th – 12th

This week is dominated by the lead-up to the Aquarius Full Moon on Sunday. I’m using the Full Moon Chart to write these horoscopes.

Aquarius Full Moons enliven and provide greater access to the subconscious, reflecting the light of the Sun and revealing, through sudden flashes of insight, what underlies fear, motivation, and our most intense creative and healing urges. Here lies the secret to uncovering hidden gifts and unrealized potential. This Full Moon delivers the message that we have freedom we’re not using. We’re being challenged to break some self-imposes rules as we expand into more social independence, and a more interesting, rebellious role.

As always, whenever Aquarius exerts her influence, it’s wise to expect the unexpected.

This week promises excitement, culmination, and the potential to end self-imposed confinement.

Have a good one 🙂



ARIES (March 21-April 21)

Aries can feel imprisoned now with a fatalistic belief that disappointment is their lot in life. But it’s a waste of the freedom and power you have to imagine into existence whatever you desire. Your strong will is an amazing asset whenever it’s used to conjure up circumstances that honor your life and respect your inner spirit. A misdirection of that energy, however, inclines you to use it to force your powerful will on another – a futile and self-defeating exercise that blurs the truth and forces you to neglect your own psychological health. This week it’s time for a course correction to address and heal the damage that’s been done. The Aquarian Full Moon urges you to use your talents to move into your role as a rebellious activist, dedicated to upending social rules that stifle the human spirit, starting with yourself. A flash of insight may reveal how your personal struggle can inspire you to connect with courage and a bolder social role as disappointment fades and your inner spirit gets the message that it’s time to for a revival. It’s time to come back to life.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Taurus senses the need for a change of mindset, for experimentation, a release from the past, and the rigid rules that keep you (or your partner) within safe, but ultimately dissatisfying, mindsets and routines. This Aquarian Full Moon brings to your attention the real you and the importance of feeling more emotionally connected to a chosen life direction. That may require a “shake-up” and a permanent resolution to relationship problems. It’s time to tell the truth to yourself about what’s right and wrong with your current role. There is the suggestion that working in a humanitarian way with children’s causes is one effective way to express what may otherwise be expressed as childish grandstanding and a refusal to grow up. Though your values are conservative and traditional, your social role is more aligned with trailblazing a path toward more freedom and protection of the universal child-like spirit. The message of this Full Moon is that stepping into that role confidently requires a resolution to ongoing relationship conflict. Faith in your future is key.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

For Gemini, the message of this Full Moon appears to be the importance of enlisting ancient traditions and rituals in connecting you with important hidden messages and truths. The Full Moon in Aquarius urges you to use creative means to connect with higher principles and wisdom. A “white dove with a message” allows you to unmask the source of work and health related conflicts, bringing those into the light of day for purification and transformation. It is important to question your beliefs, to experiment with different points of view, to develop your knowledge of the facts, and to notice tendencies toward dogmatic and narrow assumptions. Facts are real, but so is magic in its higher form. This week it’s important to access magical realms Ancient Sun worship ceremonies, fire, and salt trigger your imagination in ways that free your work (and health) from confining subconscious arrangements.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

As the energy of the Full Aquarian Moon intensifies, self-imposed rules about money, collaborative efforts, trust, and your own safety and security, need to be broken. Instincts may tell you that you’re missing something but a lack of trust in those instincts leaves you feeling confused and confined. The gift of this Full Moon is an end to fear that keeps you locked into something unworkable and a renewed faith in the fact that you always “just know,” at some level, where the truth lies. Going “by the book” is a waste of the freedom you have to operate at a higher level once you trust yourself more. There is no sign more sensitive to what’s really going on than a Cancer. Something unexpected may reinforce your belief in yourself. The challenge may involve a child, a lover, a friend, or a group. You can safely step out of your crab shell for a breath of fresh air when you trust that you really can sense what’s needed to direct your life toward something more stable, secure, and joyful.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leo’s see themselves reflected through relationships with those who appears to be breaking out of some kind of self-imposed prison. Something sudden and maybe unexpected is freeing a partner, friend, or client to be more creative, less pre-occupied, more engaged, rebellious, and back on track. Rebellion and impatience may play a role as another feels pressured to make up for lost time and to re-energize a part of themselves that came dangerously close to extinction. It may be tempting to blame the destabilization of relationships on a partner’s obvious transformation. But you’ve been transformed as well, in less obvious, but equally profound ways. Some invisible assistance has helped you to break free of a confining past and you’re on the brink of being able to exuberantly express the new you. This week it may be important to acknowledge how much things have changed and how old foundations and assumptions need to be replaced to support something deeper and more authentic. Patience, a virtue foreign to fiery Leo, is key.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This Full Moon, in a Virgo chart, reflects, more than any other sign, subconscious arrangements that determine current life conditions. Virgo’s have a rare opportunity, every year in August, to see, reflected in the nature of their work, health, and domestic routine, the exuberant, highly artistic, child-like, and creative nature of what lies beneath their surface of consciousness. And, they have time to nurture and encourage it. Everything physical, in August, may feel more infused with love, joy, and uninhibited creative immersion. Or, if there’s still work to be done, a mechanized tendency to avoid the truth may be highlighted. A limited mindset, set on cruise control and fueled by old beliefs, keeps you predictably remote. That would be clarified by co-workers who characterize the sentiment “the lights are on but nobody’s home,” or physical pain. This week gives you more insight into what needs to be set free. A mind more wiling to aligned itself with the wisdom of natural cycles, instincts and rhythms is key. Traditional rituals may help. (see feature Aquarian Full Moon Article).

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This Full Moon may bring to the surface, through sudden revelations, your ability to attract career circumstances and a life direction truly nurturing of your need to feel emotionally connected with your public role. Outlets that allow you to pursue meaningful goals may be presented in the form of new opportunities. And, finally, the freedom to enjoy life more may come in the form of a professional re-alignment. Friends and children may play key roles in your evolution toward something more authentically you. Challenges that remain come in the form of a re-ordering of priorities, with more importance placed on innate talent, what comes most naturally, feminine wisdom, and grounding your security in what you truly value rather than fears related to material instability. It may be time for some creative negotiations regarding financial collaborations and support. It may be time to ask for more support to free you from a self-imposed confinement based on guilt, unworthiness, and old, distorted messages.

SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)

Fundamental changes in the direction of more freedom regarding career obligations and responsibilities highlight the need for attention to what’s been neglected. There has been some deterioration, some unhealthy adaptation, some lack of stimulation needed to keep you psychologically strong, some neglect of independent goals and aspirations, as you relied on outside structures to keep you safe. Now you face the damage that’s been done and begin to undo it. A spiritual renewal and revitalization appears to be taking place. Health, on all levels, is being restored. Ironically, in August, what a Christmas Tree has always symbolized gives you faith in a new, more joyful direction based on sharing your inner resources with others, generosity, self-fulfillment, and optimism. Instrumental in moving you forward may be professional colleagues, an abundance of opportunity in the form of community involvement, and a shifting foundations that appear to be solidifying in the direction of your most uniquely independent styles and approaches. Your own formulas spring from a healthier, more authentic expressions of who you are.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

This week lingering passions, frustrations, and fears regarding financial contributions, support, and trusting your instincts, clash with your desire for creative freedom. Rebellion and frustration surface as you feel pressured to take new actions that could give you more power, credibility and greater influence. There appears to be some ingrained conflict related to getting paid for your professional contribution, rooted in general feelings of unworthiness. But now the pressures on to come to some kind of a resolution. Ending is a long period of confinement and worry over an intensely uncertain future. Some new information, a different routine, or a changed mindset has transformed that dynamic. But, in order to take advantage of this new freedom, you must address feelings of unworthiness that prevent the solidification of your power through professional and social contributions. The Full Moon gives you insights that begin to unravel self-defeating tendencies. Consider enacting traditional rituals during this Full Moon for greater access to what remains mysterious and confusing. (See Featured Aquarian Full Moon Article)

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)

Capricorns appear to be under lots of emotional pressure this week to avoid compromising their position in the community, to escape exposure, and to side-step the consequences of breaking some rules. Simultaneously there is the need to fulfill their responsibility to a partner’s wishes and to their own emotional nature, home and family. In short, Capricorns are walking a fine line this week trying to satisfy many conflicting demands. Breaking free of some undermining and confining financial arrangement related to home and family involves, as usual, complications and obligations. But Capricorns are ready for more financial freedom and are used to paying the piper in return. Kicking into high gear now must be their exceptional skill in reconciling differences, their ability to mediate, and their natural gift for helping individuals and groups understand and appreciate their differences. There is something under pressure that explodes this week bringing you back into alinement with yourself and your beliefs.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)

Something is being released this week, a piece of information that changes your mindset related to the uncertainty of your future. As it turns out, it’s not as uncertain as it seemed, and it’s time for a change in focus. While there is some secondary gain to be found in worry that paralyzes all action, now, suddenly, it’s time to take action to resolve an issue that was temporarily put on hold. Your career, life direction, achievement of goals, and ability to be successful take center stage – and you take up where you left off months ago. There may still be fears that keep you from acting decisively and from finding inner peace. Inner conflicts between trusting your instincts and acquiescing to traditional recommendations for success, most likely exist. It is possible, without damaging your integrity, to walk a middle path and to mediate between the two. Aquarius appears to have more at stake in being able to access and transform subconscious fears and may have the most to gain during this Full Moon. (Read the Aquarian Full Moon Article for more insight into actions that can be taken.)

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)

Pisces are operating under great strain attempting to restructure their future in ways that align them with their role in the community, with better support for the development of their skills, their work, domestic responsibilities, and healthy routines. It’s a tall order that involves securing personal freedom within the framework of demanding commitments and responsibilities. Essential is your ability to trust your instincts, to design something unique, non-traditional, and detached from the need for social acceptance. Underlying the strain is the fact that you’re under the influence of powerful healing energies that are busily integrating the most unique and trailblazing facets of your being. Your days of feeling hobbled and exhausted are numbered. There is the suggestion that synchronous events and mysterious guidance surrounds you and that paying attention to signs that appear to point you in a particular direction are key to your success. That, and continuing to generously share your resources with others moves you through this dramatic time.

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