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Taurus Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 28th, at 11:14 PM PDT, and Tuesday, April 29th at 2:14 AM EDT

Painting by Gustav Klimt. He has Pluto in Taurus… transformed through art and beauty) It is likely that, since the eclipse in Libra on April 15th, and the grand cross climax on April 23rd, your primary relationship has changed. Possibly […] 

The Impending Grand Cross – Its Personal Impact

Much has been written on the global effects of the rare impending Grand Cross. It’s set to be exact this week (April 22nd-23rd). It’s the signature of the time period extending from 2008-2016… the climax and the beginning of a […] 

Healing Hangout Broadcast Tomorrow at 12:00 Noon PDT- “The Intersection of Astrology and Energy Healing”

Tomorrow I will be hanging out with my friend and amazingly talented energy healer, Anna Holden.  She is based in Seattle and has been instrumental in my own healing.  Having worked through some fairly serious health issues over the past […] 

The Impending Grand Cross; It’s Meaning and Message.

There is an underlying thread running through all the conflicts and concerns we’re currently working through.  It’s a powerful cosmic influence affecting everyone on the planet on both personal and global levels.  This point in time represents a turning point […] 

The Libra Eclipse at 0:43 AM PDT on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

  The impending Libra Eclipse reflects the Sun’s Aries energy.  Aries generates tremendous force to impress its will on the world.  During this eclipse event, “A Man in Possession of More Gifts (talents)Than He Can Hold” is the Sabian symbol […]