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Cancer Full Moon December 28, 2012 2:21 AM PST & 5:21 AM EST

When interpreting symbols I’m used to looking for the deep hidden message.  I have to think in a different way.  It’s the essence of astrological interpretation.  But sometimes the answer is hidden in plain sight.  It’s very literal and there’s […] 

Saturn in Scorpio – Walking Through the Fire

Every two and a half years, Saturn, the great teacher, changes signs. Today, October 5th,  Saturn’s journey through Libra ends and Scorpio takes over  Saturn is best explained as the planetary influence that teaches us through very specific challenging experiences.  Without […] 

Horoscopes for the week of Dec 19th – 25th

The Winter Solstice happens on Friday December 21st.  Cosmically it’s a momentous occasion every year, but this year, according to most historical timelines, after approximately 25,000 years spent traveling through the age of Pisces,  we now officially moving across the […] 

Winter Solstice – End of the Mayan Calendar – What it all means

The Mayans had an elaborate calendar system that was not shared by the rest of the world. It’s cycles were synchronized with the Sun.  They were based on the number 20.  The Mayans were amazing mathematicians understanding the concept of […] 

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are now available and easy to use.  Under the Personal Consults tab in the upper right hand corner of this website’s homepage there is a copy of what these cards look like in flat format.  They are note […] 

Sagittarius New Moon December 13, 2012 12:42 AM PST, 3:42 AM EST

Every sign of the Zodiac is like a two sided coin representing strongly a specific quality of life and just as strongly its polar opposite.  In the case of Sagittarius what is represented is both freedom and oppression, tolerance and […] 

Horoscopes Week of December 12th – 18th

Things are starting to move again.  Areas of life that felt old, repetitive, frustrating, uninteresting, or just stuck in neutral will now shift into a higher gear breathing new life and a degree of excitement into your life  Most would […]