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Summer Solstice Horoscopes

(Gustav Klimt – Famille) The Sumer Solstice happens on Thursday, June 21st, at 3:07 AM PDT & 6:07 AM EDT. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time when the earth’s gradual tilt toward the Sun has reached the limits […] 


Comments on Current Planetary Positions – June 21, 2018

Today the main event is the Summer Solstice. Already we're seeing reversals in play. Mercury in the sign of Cancer is headed toward an opposition with Pluto. The gravity of decisions sinks in. A profound power struggle involving ideas and dominating and controlling information is energized. The destruction of ideas, the nervous system, rational thought, the solid framework of a mindset, and foundational beliefs is in play. Amassing power through control over thought seems to be the issue Keeping your bearings over the next few days may involve getting inside your own head and taking inventory. What did you once believe but now no longer do. What were you once sure about but no longer are. What kind of toll is being taken? How can you do a better job protecting your freedom of thought while staying flexible and open to new ideas . Be mindful and acutely aware of your biases..Trusting information sources is tricky business. Proceed with caution - especially over the next few days.

Today’s Sabian Symbol – 0 Degrees of Cancer

"At a rally celebrating the founding of a humanitarian organization, the groups flag is raised amidst loud cheers." Spearheading the creation of an organization, business or political body that serves the needs of the people (government as a social contract; businesses that meet a real need); joining a group united by common ideals, raising a flag to see if anyone salutes declaring oneself -who one loves, who one hates, and what one stands for; shifting allegiances; changing one's direction in life in accordance with one's new beliefs (have trouble letting go of the past); openness to romantic adventure; emotional susceptibility (dramatic mood swings vs. staying on an even keel); heartfelt patriotism; loyalty vs. disloyalty; purifying an organization by removing policies at odds with collective ideals; personal or collective turning points beyond which there is no going back.


The practice of astrology by nature defies definition. I've tried to encapsulate, in simplified, mathematical form, what it is that happens during a reading, but much of it, I have to admit, I don't completely understand. Having become well-versed in various astrological techniques - identifying relevant cycles, interpreting symbolism, prediction, solar arcs, secondary progressions, solar returns, as well as life purpose signatures - in the final analysis there is something more. The mixture of my energy, the energy of the chart, and your own energy, at some point, seems to create a type of magic that transcends the calculations - but the calculations are important. They provide the key that unlocks the door to something greater. To progress along your path, with greater insight and understanding, what is required of you is a degree of relaxation, trust, and openness to the possibility that the reading will provide you with the exact information you need, at the exact right moment in time.

WELCOME!! My name is Holly RePenn. I am a Professional Astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research, a writer, Master Herbalist, Certified Holistic Nurse, and a Registered Yoga teacher. I hope you visit my site often, gather some information, comment on articles, schedule a personal reading, or sign up for future classes and workshops. If you live near my office in San Juan Capistrano, California we can meet in person. Anywhere in the world skype or phone readings are available.