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Summer Solstice Horoscopes

(Gustav Klimt – Famille) The Sumer Solstice happens on Thursday, June 21st, at 3:07 AM PDT & 6:07 AM EDT. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time when the earth’s gradual tilt toward the Sun has reached the limits […] 


Comments on Current Planetary Positions – June 22, 2018

Today the Moon ends its trek through the sign of Libra. An emotional experience with the nature of current relationships draws to a close. As the new Scorpio Moon walks on stage, our old delusions and defenses fail. We're "encouraged" to take a deeper look at the naked truth. To do otherwise prolongs the agony. I liken it to waking up in a hotel room after a wild night and very little sleep, accidentally seeing myself in the flip side of the magnifying mirror hanging on the wall - and being horrified. It can't be this bad is always my first thought. When I flip it back over I'm reassured. But by then it's all pretty shaky. My mood takes a turn for the worse. I'm in dark territory for awhile. In some form - on national, social, and maybe very personal levels - this is the theme. Information we receive feels devastatingly truthful and hard to accept. It echoes the current reckoning taking place in the U.S. It's time to face what we've previously been able to side step - especially if we don't like or recognize the nature of our relationships. The Mercury/Pluto opposition keeps devastating evidence front and center. But the current grand water trine makes it easy to think that what's been lost will eventually be found and the dust will settle and all will return to "normal" - however delusional that "normal" was. But we can't get where we want to be from here. More is required. Mars is about to retrograde and head in the direction of a clash with Uranus. That's a breakthrough. But it doesn't look graceful or pretty. The grand trine will be broken apart by then. It's time to transform an old way of being into something that aligns with the truth. An old, inherited debt is coming due and it needs to be paid off before we can move forward.

Today’s Sabian Symbol – 1 Degree of Cancer

"The door of an Irish Pub opens and a smiling stranger steps in from the fog, wearing a Welsh "witches hat". Some react with hostility, others are more friendly." Seeking acceptance in a new community; trying to fit in vs demanding to be taken on one's own terms (modest friendliness that opens many doors) in-groups confronted with the non-conforming outsider (the entry of a dangerous or destabilizing element into an established scene); being open to unexpected events or surprising new people vs. making judgements based on fear or desire (entertain ungrounded rumors and speculations); confronting a mystery; suspending one's judgement; following a line of evidence to get behind false appearances; cultivating a seductive atmosphere of mystery (open to illicit love affairs); examining nay new opportunity - any opening door - on the chance that it might lead to something intriguing or magical.


The practice of astrology by nature defies definition. I've tried to encapsulate, in simplified, mathematical form, what it is that happens during a reading, but much of it, I have to admit, I don't completely understand. Having become well-versed in various astrological techniques - identifying relevant cycles, interpreting symbolism, prediction, solar arcs, secondary progressions, solar returns, as well as life purpose signatures - in the final analysis there is something more. The mixture of my energy, the energy of the chart, and your own energy, at some point, seems to create a type of magic that transcends the calculations - but the calculations are important. They provide the key that unlocks the door to something greater. To progress along your path, with greater insight and understanding, what is required of you is a degree of relaxation, trust, and openness to the possibility that the reading will provide you with the exact information you need, at the exact right moment in time.

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