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Mosaic Artist? ARIES are developing courage. Jump first, deal with the consequences in mid air, land on your feet, and keep moving. Aries is about action not vacillation. She is the initiator trailblazing through unfamiliar territory, as though she knows […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 15th – 21st

Venus in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus indicating an easy, almost unconscious, process of integration. Letting go of what you once valued and prioritized is seamless as you gracefully shift into a new phase. Tomorrow at around 1:30 PM EST, […] 


Comments on Current Planetary Positions – Jan. 17, 2020

Today the Capricorn Sun forms a challenging aspect to the Libra Moon. Rules, restrictions, and protocol conflict with justice and fairness. "Authorities" seek to dominate opponents and to win - maybe at all costs. We crave peace love, and harmony under a gentle Libra Moon but conditions may be harsh, out of our control, demanding of a response, and some courageous action. Emotionally/personally we may be dealing with a potential threat to our sense of security Using what you know to sustain a sense of inner stability and calm seems necessary. Also Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries . An old wound may be addressed with the aid of a brilliant mind, advanced technology, an extreme/ drastic approach, or a sudden flash of insight that allows you to see what you haven't previously been able to see. Understanding is advanced. What has been a sore spot or ongoing source of vulnerability might be more effectively addressed today.

WELCOME!! My name is Holly RePenn. I am a Professional Astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research, a writer, Master Herbalist, Certified Holistic Nurse, and a Registered Yoga teacher. I hope you visit my site often, gather some information, comment on articles, schedule a personal reading, or sign up for future classes and workshops. If you live near my office in San Juan Capistrano, California we can meet in person. Anywhere in the world skype or phone readings are available.

THE PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGER The practice of astrology by nature defies definition. I’ve tried to encapsulate, in simplified, mathematical form, what it is that happens during a reading, but much of it, I have to admit, I don’t completely understand. Having become well-versed in various astrological techniques – identifying relevant cycles, interpreting symbolism, prediction, solar arcs, secondary progressions, solar returns, as well as life purpose signatures – in the final analysis there is something more. The mixture of my energy, the energy of the chart, and your own energy, at some point, seems to create a type of magic that transcends the calculations – but the calculations are important. They provide the key that unlocks the door to something greater. To progress along your path, with greater insight and understanding, what is required of you is a degree of relaxation, trust, and openness to the possibility that the reading will provide you with the exact information you need, at the exact right moment in time.

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