North Node – Life Purpose Defined

The North and South Nodes of the Moon are important placements in your Astrological birth chart.  The Moon’s Nodes are not planetary bodies.  They represent the points at which the Moon’s path around the Earth intersects with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  The North Node is the ascending point closest to the North pole and the South node is the descending point closest to the South Pole.  They are always exactly 180 degrees opposed to each other.

My approach to reading a chart is to look at the Nodes first.  No one can be sure about past lifetimes or if that’s actually the way life works.  I suspect that it is so I’ll write this article from that perspective.  You don’t have to accept any ideas to benefit from North/South Node information.  In my experience it doesn’t matter what you believe.  The information they offer seems practical and right on.

Consider the following example.  Mary was born with her North Node in Aries (her life’s purpose) opposing her South Node in Libra (her past).  She’s lived lifetimes dominated by the lessons of Libra – the need to cooperate, compromise, balance, and to feel her identity within partnerships.  She has developed those skills and over-developed them to the point of imbalance.

Her life purpose this time around is to assert herself forcefully as an individual,  to separate from others,  become a leader, a risk-taker, strong, energetic. inspiring, and highly attuned to her own needs.  But, if she’s like most, the first part of her life is spent living in the past.

Ask her to introduce herself at a meeting and it’s likely the first thing she’ll want you to know is whether or not she’s married.  If she is married she’s likely to over-compromise, over-cooperate, and consistently put her partner’s needs before her own. She doesn’t know what she needs. Partnerships are a one-sided affair.   She allows herself to be defined by how her partner is feeling.  The boundaries between them are poorly defined.

Early in this lifetime she repeats the familiar pattern.  But, if all goes well,  around age 30, she’ll begin to feel some nagging dissatisfaction and inner emptiness.  The Cosmos whispers to her that something’s wrong and she’s beginning to listen.

Meanwhile, the Aries North Node is making sure that she has many opportunities to assert her own identity despite her partnership focus.  It’s her life’s purpose and the only path toward deep fulfillment.  Her mission, should she choose to accept it, is to take those opportunities and run with them.

Maybe she was born with athletic abilities – not far fetched for someone with an Aries North Node.  Secretly she’s always admired those who finish marathons.  A group in her neighborhood plans to run one in six months.  They train together and have invited her to join them.  She hesitates because the training time would require self-involvement. To her,  that road feels unfamiliar and scary.

Maybe she passes up the chance and waits for a “better time” as her emptiness intensifies.  But the Aries North Node makes sure the opportunities keep coming. She just has to jump off the metaphorical cliff and grab one. When she finally does,  her life begins to opens up. She feels inwardly satisfied and intuitively “on track.”  Her “luck” improves and life gets easier.

In stressful times she’s tempted to revert to her old familiar and comfortable ways.  If she knows this, she resists – the beauty of knowing your own Astrology.  The best of all possible outcomes is for her to take inborn talents (cooperation and compromise), balance them,  and use them to create inspiring leadership positions for herself.

The basic outline of this story is everyone’s story.  The themes are different though.  The following is a list of very basic theme possibilities.  The North Node is listed first.

1.  Aries/Libra;  This lifetime -Self-awareness, independence, courage.  The past – debilitating selflessness, co-dependence, being nice

2.  Taurus/Scorpio; This lifetime – Strong sense of self-worth, simplicity.  The past –  inappropriate intensity, resistance to cooperation

3.  Gemini/Sagittarius; This lifetime – Healthy curiosity, openness to new ideas.  The past –  self-righteousness, taking oneself too seriously

4.  Cancer/Capricorn; This lifetime – Nurturing, empathy, connected to feeling.  The past –  controlling everything, hiding feelings

5. Leo/Aquarius; This lifetime –  Enthusiasm, self-confidence, child-like.  The past – aloofness, excessive daydreaming, running away

6. Virgo/Pisces;  This lifetime –  Being of service to others, noticing details.  The past –  being a victim, escapism, giving up

7. Libra/Aries; This lifetime – Cooperation, reciprocity, creating win/wins.  The past – selfishness, self-centeredness

8. Scorpio/Taurus; This lifetime – Openness to merging power with others.  The past –  possessiveness, resistance to change

9. Sagittarius/Gemini; This lifetime –  Trusting oneself, reliance on intuition.  The past – indecisiveness, invalidating intuitive knowing

10. Capricorn/Cancer;  This lifetime –  Self-control, self-respect, self-care.  The past – limitation through fear, lack of self-respect

11. Aquarius/Leo; This lifetime – Sharing unconventional ideas, equality awareness.  The past – willfulness, need for approval, pride

12. Pisces/Virgo; This lifetime – Compassion, non-judgemental, trusting the world.  The past – obsessive worry, fault-finding, inflexibility

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