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Horoscopes for the Week of June 28th – July 4th

(Mosaic Art – Fractal Mosaics) On Saturday Chiron, the “wounded healer” and ruler of all things concerning mentorship, turns retrograde. Chiron is a “mavericky” part of yourself …the part that operates outside the “normal” range of standards, formulas, and traditional […] 


Today adjustments need to be made. Something is unsettled. Money may be at the root of the problem. What is realistic and morally defensible needs to be taken into consideration. An over-the-top luxury or far-fetched goal may need to be scaled back or otherwise aligned with wisdom, justice, a balance and long term goals. It may be time to come to terms with what is real, what is possible, and what is delusional within the realm of relationships. Compromise and flexibility comes into play. Attitude adjustments may be part of this picture. Starting over from scratch may be difficult but necessary. Mercury and Mars align today. You may hear some harsh words or participate in volatile conversations. Anger is forcefully expressed. Road rage intensifies. (Drive defensively). On all levels war is a better than average possibility. The silver lining today would be finally hearing or saying something direct, uncensored, and truthful.

Sabian Symbol For Today – 8 Degrees Cancer

"A Gathering of Rabbits in Human Attire scatters as a Woman Riding a Tiger Leaps into their Midst" Irreverent commentary on human social behavior; examining human behavior in literature, drama, and film, or in the science of anthropology, sociology, or psychology; seeing through people's pretentious social postures to their underlying motivations (identifying those ruled by fear - the prey - and those ruled by desire - the predators; life as a hunt; maintaining civilized human behavior no matter what the situation vs. descending into the unconscious bestial game of the masses; playing by the rules vs. behaving like a knave or a wolf in sheep's clothing (unscrupulous competitiveness in the marketplace); humorous puncturing of phoniness and pretense. More


The practice of astrology by nature defies definition. I've tried to encapsulate, in simplified, mathematical form, what it is that happens during a reading, but much of it, I have to admit, I don't completely understand. Having become well-versed in various astrological techniques - identifying relevant cycles, interpreting symbolism, prediction, solar arcs, secondary progressions, solar returns, as well as life purpose signatures - in the final analysis there is something more. The mixture of my energy, the energy of the chart, and your own energy, at some point, seems to create a type of magic that transcends the calculations - but the calculations are important. They provide the key that unlocks the door to something greater. To progress along your path, with greater insight and understanding, what is required of you is a degree of relaxation, trust, and openness to the possibility that the reading will provide you with the exact information you need, at the exact right moment in time.

WELCOME!! My name is Holly RePenn. I am a Professional Astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research, a writer, Master Herbalist, Certified Holistic Nurse, and a Registered Yoga teacher. I hope you visit my site often, gather some information, comment on articles, schedule a personal reading, or sign up for future classes and workshops. If you live near my office in San Juan Capistrano, California we can meet in person. Anywhere in the world skype or phone readings are available.